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Caisson Biotech, LLC

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Austin, Texas 78738
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  • Access our Technology

    Our Technology Access model lets partners tap into this game-changing technology in exclusive or non-exclusive fashion. Risk milestones in the technical, intellectual property, and commercialization process are identified and fees associated with accessing the technology increase only as goals are achieved and risk reduced. Learn More >

  • Better for the patient

    Caisson offers an improved quality of life for millions of patients. Instead of a process that’s synthetic and merely tolerated by the body, our drug delivery platform is completely natural and bio-compatible. It’s more friendly to the body and easier for the patient, leading to increased compliance and safety. Learn More >

  • Adaptable & Expansive

    Our bio-friendly drug delivery vehicle can be easily tuned for your specific needs. A major advance over PEG drugs, our elegant platform can be customized into defined sizes and different formulations. Learn More >

  • Retool a winner with new IP

    Caisson’s technology presents a new way to retool the pharmaceutical pipeline. Our delivery platform is bio-superior, safer, and more effective than PEGylated drugs. It’s customizable and adaptable, making it easier to improve existing drugs and extend their patent life. Learn More >

  • Adaptable, Expansive and Quick

    HEPtune™, Caisson's drug delivery system, together with your drug, creates a novel, stealthy, flexible, bio-superior vehicle for improved drug performance in terms of safety, tolerability, efficacy and quality, as well as extended IP protection. Learn More >

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